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Inner Demon (PG)

Post by Demon on Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:08 pm

hi everyone im making a series called Inner demon sorry if its to short im trying to make it a little piece at a time so ill edit again when im done with part 2 enjoy Smile

Inner Demon

Episode 1
Bad dreams

(The past)
Theons Mom:THEON!!! come and help me clean the dishes *standing in the kitchen cleaning dishes*
Theon:okay mom
Theons mom:thanks now please clean the cups...
Theons mom:*screams*
(everything is burned and everyone is death the only surviver is... Theon from his family)
(the present)
Theon:*wakes up* only a nightmare *looks scared*
Theon:its okay, its okay nothing happened *falls afsleep again*
(time: 1:03 AM)
Theon:ill better go out buy some lunch *takes clothe on and run down to the mini market*
Rod(minimarket employer):oh hi Theon whats up??
Theon:not much
Rod:come on theon i know something is wrong i can see it i have been friends with you eversince kinder garden
Rod:is it those bad dreams again? you have to stop staying in the past and move forward please its not good for you to suffer in the past all the time i...
Theon: SHUT UP!! you dont know how it feels like to lose your whole family by some monster
Rod:for the last time Theon it was the military who accidentally dropped the trial bomb in the city hundreds died remember?
Theon:no it cant be it because i saw the monster how are you going to explain that??... one day i will find that monster and kill it you understand ROD!!
Rod:fine do as you wish but i tell you it wasn't a monster
(Minimarket chief):ROD!! stop annoying the customers and get to work!!
Rod:yes sir
Theon:cya *walks out of minimarket*
Theons thoughts:damnit that rod always have to pick on me
Theon: *GASP* *Looking at his home in flames*.

that was part one part two coming soon

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