Midnight Darkness Chapter 2 (PG-13)

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Midnight Darkness Chapter 2 (PG-13)

Post by bigbadbear on Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:23 am

Sorry, but this chapter is a bit long. But I promise you'll survive!

Chapter Two: A Prophesy Revealed

Payton Doug eyed the clock as soon as seventh period commenced. How come it takes so long for time to pass when you need to do something?

He quickly assigned the work for his seventh grade class: Read and work quietly from page 490-512 in the textbooks. As soon as he had given the assignment, Payton flew to his desk and reread Landon’s essay. And still, the same questions came up.

How could Landon know? Unless he was a werewolf, no one knew about Fort Wolfgang. Was his father a werewolf?

Without a second thought, Payton eyed the room and click on the Internet on his computer. The screen popped up, and he typed in the URL. Once at the Fort Wolfgang secret website, he clicked on the link that led him to the list of werewolves.

What was that blasted boy’s name? Maxfield? Payton double-checked and was right. He scrolled down to Maxfield and found two of them. He sighed. He wished that there were some kind of an address on there! What he needed some kind of a phone book; but he couldn’t get that until he got home.

He glanced up at the clock. Still another half an hour. Could he risk leaving the kids that long? Payton would surely be fired. Mr. Doug loved his job more than anything. English was his life, and his passion. Even if the students misbehaved, he loved every second of teaching.

He never considered it odd that a werewolf could teach English. “Oh! That reminds me! The council is coming up…” Payton said quietly. He couldn’t miss the council. Wolfgang himself would be there.

At last, the bell rang, and Payton flung himself out of his seat. “Good afternoon, class. Enjoy your weekend!” Right after he said that, he realized that it was Thursday, not Friday! There was still another day of school. Oh, how he wished there was no school anymore.

He scrambled out of the building and put his hands in his coat pocket for his keys. He unlocked the driver’s door and flung himself in. He turned the ignition on and backed out, and headed out of the school area.


The drive was silent. Payton didn’t like the radio. He thought it was a stupid invention, so he left it off. He slowed down at a red light. “Oh, come on! I need to move!” he yelled at the light. It was unresponsive as anytime he decided to yell at it.

He tapped his left foot impatiently, and when the light finally turned green, he zoomed off, and turned on the highway, back home.

He unlocked his house door and hurriedly stepped inside. He said, “Sarah! I’m h –”

Just then he realized that Sarah wasn’t home. She hadn’t for three years. He cursed himself and shook his head. Sarah would have to wait for now. Right now, he had more pressing matters.

Payton opened his cabinets and searched for the yellow pages. At last, he found the big book and took it out. He laid it on his dinner table.

Mr. Doug opened up to the Ms and looked for Maxfield. What were the names on the website? Kevin Maxfield and Andy Maxfield. Yeah, that was it.

He ran his finger downs the Maxfields and grew disappointed when he only saw one Maxfield, and that was David and Carol Maxfield.

So, Landon wasn’t a werewolf. Well, that only made matters even more pressing. How could he have known about the werewolves? A boy just can’t think up a real history of werewolves! He would have to have had a source!

And then he realized what an important discovery he had just made. What if Landon was to be some help to the werewolves? What if he could help them destroy the Vampires, once and for all? Could that be possible?

Then came the negative side of things. What if he was meant for the Vampires? What if he will join them and kill them?

After shuddering after thinking that thought, Payton decided to buy a ticket to Cardston, Alberta. When he got there, he would be able to talk to Wolfgang, and decide the proper way to approach this dilemma. Suddenly, Payton felt an immense grief. What if Landon is too dangerous to be kept alive?


Payton couldn’t go that night because it would be nearly impossible. The minute the sun disappeared from the sky, Payton slipped out of his clothes and hair started to sprout all over his body. He knew that he needed to feed, and soon, because he had neglected to feed yesterday.

Once he had transformed, he quickly scurried out of his house and walked along the street. To most people, Payton looked like an over grown dog, but he couldn’t care less. At least it kept people from knowing.

He tried to slink into the shadows as best as he could. He heard his stomach growling, and suddenly he picked up a scent. Was it really? Could he of had that much luck?

Payton did the best he possibly could to not touch the humans while it was night. It was way too dangerous. Wolfgang, Payton knew, would just absolutely love to kill a human, fresh off of the street, but Payton tried to be a little more conservation minded. Humans needed to live, and luckily for him, Payton could control his wild thoughts of chewing their flesh and having their blood drip freely down his chin.

His stomach growled. Oh, what an appetizing thought that was!


The next morning, Payton tied his shoes and tightened his tie. He pulled on his suit to look presentable to Wolfgang, later that night. He admitted that he was handsome; most likely one of the best-looking werewolves in the world. At a stunning youthfulness of two hundred and five, Payton had the looks of a twenty-five year old.

Payton grabbed his electric shaver and quickly ran over his mustache and beard, so that he was clean-shaven. There. Now he was more presentable.

He sighed and grabbed his plane ticket to Cardston. He would have to hurry, or he might just transform on the plane!


The plane ride was really boring. There was nothing to do at all. He had flown in a small jet that only held a maximum of ten passengers. He felt very claustrophobic and wanted to get out as soon as he could. The landing was no better than the take off; both of them were as rough as the street that they landed on.

Once off the plane, Payton sniffed the familiar woodsy smell and looked over to Chief Mountain, just a little hill from the airport, but really it was a giant mountain that hid the location of Fort Wolfgang.

He hailed a taxi and got a ride to the foot of the Chief Mountain. Once there, he had to walk all of the way up a hill, until he could transform and run the rest of the way.


He waved good-bye to the taxi driver, and dashed up the hill. Surprisingly, he didn’t even break a sweat because running around at night really helped him keep fit. Once up the hill, he looked back to make sure that the taxi was completely out of view, and then slowly transformed.


Wolfgang was a tall, burly looking man who had a beard that grew from his sideburns to his chin, and then his other sideburn. He grew his hair wild and long, so that he would have the look of a dominating lion, which he was.

“My king, Payton Doug requires your presence.” Jonathan said, in his wheezy voice. Wolfgang stuck his chin up and looked at Jonathan with glaring brown eyes that matching his hair.

“And why,” Wolfgang asked, his voice very deep and commanding, “would he require me?” Jonathan trembled. He had never actually talked to Wolfgang before. He had heard his talks and speeches he had made, but never actually talked to him, face to face. It was really terrifying.

“He –he…” Jonathan started, but stopped because Wolfgang started yelling at him.

“Why did he ask for my presence?” he roared.

Jonathan fell to the ground. “My – my king! Please to not be angry –”

“Angry?” Wolfgang shouted, “Why would I be angry?” Wolfgang raised his big, strong hand and seized Jonathan by the shirt.

“Answer me, boy, or you will be…taken care of!”

Jonathan’s eyes widened. Taken care of could only mean one thing.

“He – he said something about a boy knowing about us. I mean, about the werewolves!” Jonathan muttered, completely frightened.
Wolfgang held Jonathan there for a moment longer, and then threw him to the ground. “Don’t speak to me again, you unworthy fiend.”

Wolfgang turned around and started to head towards the guest room, while Jonathan was praying for thanks on the ground.

Payton hurriedly tightened his tie once more, to make sure that it was in place before Wolfgang came stomping in. He gulped and made sure that his shirt was completely flat and then heard a loud banging. His blue eyes flashed over to the doors, and he saw Wolfgang, now transformed into a werewolf, staring at him.

“Why, hello, my king,” Payton said politely and bowed. Wolfgang slowly walked over to Payton and sniffed him. He felt some movement behind him and then a gruff voice said, “Get up.”

Payton obeyed and turned around. Wolfgang had transformed back, and now was walking over to the doors to get the clothes that he had dropped out of. Payton looked down, and then Wolfgang said, “So, why are you here?”

Payton Doug said with the calmest of voices, “I am here because I have a question I need to ask you.”

He heard Wolfgang laugh, and then say, “You came all the way to Alberta from New Jersey to ask me a question? Ha! Well, then, it better be good. Look up.”

Payton slowly raised his eyes and saw that Wolfgang was standing right in front of him. Wolfgang’s six feet ten inches really made Payton feel small, but that’s what happens to a leader.

“Well, are you going to ask it, or just admire my features?” Wolfgang asked, powerfully.

Payton smiled and backed away. “My king, there is a boy I think you should know about.”

Wolfgang remained silent.

“His name is Landon and he…he knows about us, sir.” Payton continued. Wolfgang looked down at Payton and stared at him.

“What do you mean?” he asked slowly.

“Well, as you know, I am an English teacher and I gave an assignment out. It was a simple essay telling me what scared them most.”

“Continue,” Wolfgang commanded.

“Sorry. Anyway, this Landon boy turned in a paper about werewolves, and I come out to find that Landon had written a report about…well, about you, Wolfgang.” Payton said, and looked into Wolfgang’s fierce eyes.

“What?” he said sharply.

“You see, he wrote a report on the whole history of werewolves, and there were even parts that I didn’t even know, but I studied and found out that everything he said were true; from the Witches to the silver that is being imported throughout the world.” Payton said.

“Silver? Do those Vampires still think that silver can kill us?”

“Well, I suppose so, Wolfgang.”

“Who is this boy? What’s his name?”

“Landon Maxfield,” Payton answered. Wolfgang stared at him for a moment more and then said, “Follow me!”


Payton had never been in this room of Fort Wolfgang before. It was amazing! There was some sort of a library in the corner, and big desks and machines occupied the rest of the room. On the walls hung weapons, such as swords and daggers that the werewolves first used against the Vampires. There was the legendary stake that one werewolf pounded into a Vampire’s heart, but it did nothing. Stakes don’t kill Vampires; it actually makes them stronger for some reason.

“Here,” Wolfgang said as he picked up a huge book, most likely with thousands of pages. He handed it to Payton, who gasped when he realized how heavy it was. He put it on a desk and looked at Wolfgang for instructions.

“Look on page 5,642. I think we will find what we are looking for.”

Payton opened up the book and flipped to the correct page.

“Read me the prophecy,” Wolfgang commanded.

A Child of a Human’s Nature
Will Join Forces with the Vampires
Together they will rule the world
Of Vampires and Werewolves.

“Payton, explain to me what that means,” Wolfgang asked, though, not politely.

“It means something on the lines of a child will betray us and the vampires will rule the world. Something like that.” Payton answered.
“Good. Now whom does it refer to?”

Payton gasped. “Landon!”

Wolfgang smiled, “Good. You are learning. Bring me this child. I fear that the Vampires already know about this prophecy. Return with haste. I will be expecting you.”

“What? What do you want me to do?” Payton asked, “Bite him?”

“Do whatever it takes. Just bring that child here, alive!” Wolfgang commanded.

Payton’s heart turned cold. How could he betray his student? Then he thought that it was Landon that would betray him. It was the better deal Wolfgang’s way.

“Yes, King. I will bring Landon here as soon as possible.”


Thanks for reading!


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