American Pride (G)

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American Pride (G)

Post by GuardianAngel on Sun Mar 09, 2008 8:07 pm

We all live in this country
Fair and proud.
But remember that September day
When our twin towers went down.

And on our angered Hearts,
Fell a deep, solemn promise,
That we would rise up
And fight for what they stole from us.

They threatened our country,
As if we’d give up and lose.
They attacked our land
And our loved ones too.

We’re fighting so strong,
And we’re not breaking stride;
Because we’re Americans
And we’ve got pride.

Until they’ve been punished
For their unforgiveable deed,
We’ll fight for the people we’ve lost
And give them a new lead.

Their certainly amazed
At what we can do,
When you attack our people;
And guess what: We’re not going to lose.

I turned this in for a contest.... I don't think I won though.


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